Bench In SW15
This Bench in SW15 is not a great looking bench, it doesn't even look comfortable to sit on. But every day there are different types of people who sit there. The only advantage the bench has is it faces south so it becomes the sun bench. I go past this bench in SW15 every day and I found it interesting the types of people who sat there so I decided to record some of the visitors to the bench in SW15.
 Empty Bench
 Sad woman on the bench
 Religious man on bench
 Couple having a chat on bench
 Girls having a chat
 Entertainer on bench
 Getting ready on the bench
 Just done some shoping
 Advertising relegion
 Don't talk to me.
 Grandmother and grand child.
 Pensionars on bench
 Lunch on bench
 Man on bench
 Young love on bench
 Mum and kids on bench
 Lunchtime on bench