Terry Piper. The Hat Man.
I had just moved to Somerset and I was thinking about a new project to do. I met Terry in a local pub ,he told me that one of his hobbies was collecting hats, he has over 100 different hats. I suggested to him that I would love to do some portraits of him with his different hats.
This answer some of the requirements I wanted from a project,to show the beautiful landscapes of somerset, to do portraits of Terry plus we wanted to have little ideas that reflected something about the hat. We wanted the photographs to have a odd quality to them.
We decided that Terry would wear the same clothes in all the photographs but the hat would change.
 Terry Piper in his Top Hat.
 Terry Piper in his Napolian Hat.
 Terry Piper inhis Piliot Hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Cowboy Hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Asian hat
 Terry Piper wearing his French Hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Navy Hat
 Terry Piper in his Bowler Hat.
 Terry Piper wearing his Chief Hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Firemans hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Safari Hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Policemans Hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Cowbot Hat
 Terry Piper wearing his Firemans hat