The Cigarette Lepers
I've found it fascinating over the last five years the number of people having a cigarette break, leaving their warm offices to stand outside in all types of bad weather,just puffing away. Often there can be a lot of people all huddled into a small area not talking to one another just having a cigarette. Should they be treated like this? Its hard to argue against some of the laws that have been introduced against smokers,but i feel thats it's gone too far and we are now getting a group of people who have become outcast in society.
 Smoking out side Bank. City of London
 Smoking outsde gallery
 Smoking between the columns.
 Hiding to hide
 Two hiding smokers
 Hiding smoker
 Woman smoking
 Hiding smoker
 Smoking numbers
 Smoking letters
 Club smokers
 Couple puffing
 Quite smoker
 Sitting and smoking
 Smokers alone
 Wheres the smoker
 Cup of tea and a fag
 Fag in the doorway
 Ciggy break
 Smoking by the window
 Student smoking
 Colourful smoker
 Hiding by the steps
 Smoke on the boat
 Tea break
 No one will see me
 Good hiding place
 Quick one
 Bit of sun and shade
 Looking down on smokers
 Big coat
 Hiding with a friend
 I don't care
 Good hiding place
 I can smoke.
 Quick ciggy