Putney People And Places
I lived in Putney, South West London for over 25 years.
It was the perfect enviroment to bring up my family.
I loved being near river Thames, the open spaces and the many characters.
 Viv Knowland Hat designer
 Eric Lamont Artist / Teacher
 Hugh Thompson Writer
 Mr Deeth Locksmith
 Mr Gibney Butcher
 Clements builder Yard.
 Thames rowing Club
 Gym in rowing club.
 Sea Cadets
 Nick Syrett Winchester house club
 David Walters
 Holdworth Bike shop.
 Pet shop
 Llyod Johnson
 View from Putney bridge
 Misty embankment.
 Misty Putney Bridge.
 Lonelly Boat
 Boat and car
 Bench and cricket pitch
 Snowy tree
 Cricket Hut.