Barnes Pond & Richmond Park in The Mist
I love walking around in the mist. When ever theres a misty morning I'm out with my camera. Barnes Pond and Richmond Park are great places what ever the weather but when there's mist around it makes them even more beautiful.
Beach & Sea
One of the great pleasures for me is to sit, walk and play on beaches looking at the sea and fellow beach people.
Beaches Going To The Dogs
Dogs just love being on the beach by the sea and playing all the time. Theres no better fun for a dog.
Black & White Moments
These Black and White images where taken with 35mm Camera using Kodax TriX film, printed on Lith paper.
Barcelona & England
I was ask to do a series of images of people who suffer from various mental conditions.All the people photographed are actors.The other part of the brief was to photograph people young and old,it was a great free brief that every photographer dreams of.
Most of these landscape where photographed with Kodax Trix film and printed in the darkroom.
This is a area which has always fascinated since I was a kid.The power station, the narrow gauge steam trains, the fishing boats, the pebble beach, the lighthouse,the lifeboat station, the small beach house. A photographers dream.
Bench In SW15
This Bench in SW15 is not a great looking bench, it doesn't even look comfortable to sit on. But every day there are different types of people who sit there. The only advantage the bench has is it faces south so it becomes the sun bench. I go past this bench in SW15 every day and I found it interesting the types of people who sat there so I decided to record some of the visitors to the bench in SW15.
No Viewfinder
These little digital cameras give you another way of looking, no viewfinder.
Ginney was a ex ballet dancer she had unfortunately a injury that stop her career. I meet her while I was doing some life drawing at the The Royal College of Art. I loved taking photographs of Ginney she brought a great feeling to the photographs.
Putney People And Places
The Cigarette Lepers
I've found it fascinating over the last five years the number of people having a cigarette break, leaving their warm offices to stand outside in all types of bad weather,just puffing away. Often there can be a lot of people all huddled into a small area not talking to one another just having a cigarette. Should they be treated like this? Its hard to argue against some of the laws that have been introduced against smokers,but i feel thats it's gone too far and we are now getting a group of people who have become outcast in society.
The Face
People and their environment are just fantastic, an insight into their world
The London Eye
This is a small series of images around the London Eye, taken with the nikon digital 5400.
The Oyster Farm Under The Sea
When I first arrived at this Oyster farm all I could see was the sea. After 5 hours the sea had disappeared and the landscape was full of oyster bags. Revealing the farm under the sea.
Black & White Portraits
A series of portraits of the workers at the Wild Turkey distillery plus other B&W portraits.